Sunday Morning 10am Worship

Every Wednesday evening service // Acts 2:42.   Sanctuary doors open at  6:30pm or  soup  or hotdog fellowship.  7-8pm Worship, mid-week    inspiration message and prayer ministry.   All welcome!  


Wednesday Acts 2:42 Bible Study announcement: “A Day in the Life of Jesus”. Taking a deeper look at the life of Christ through the 57 days recorded in the gospels. Each Wednesday evening, we will look at a new day.


July 19, 7pm // ALPHA BEGINS // with food and fellowship

1st Sunday of every month // Communion - Lord's Supper


3rd Sunday of every  month // FREE  monthly  pot-luck  luncheons    immediately    following  the  service.  Friends,  neighbors, all  welcome!  Bring a  dish to share


November 17 // BridgePoint and Street Light Ministries will hold a joint Sunday service with Thanksgiving dinner at The Street Light Coffee House,  203 W. 7th Street, Tarentum, PA 15084.


December 7 // Care to Share and Blue Christmas

December 15 //  Joint service, as we welcome Adult & Teen Challenge with Christmas Dinner.  Rev. Dave Louis, Executive Director of Adult & Teen Challenge will be the speaker. Both joint Sunday services will begin at 10am with dinner following at Street Light.

December 24 // Candlelight  Christmas  Eve  service  with  sky  lantern   launch  5:30pm.    Refreshments  provided.    


Every Thursday in Spring  //  6:30pm-8pm.  We  have  the  grief  support  group  in  the  spring  and  fall  running for  8  weeks,  All  materials  provided  by  LSL,  VNA  Hospice.   We  will  be  guided  through  the  grief  process  by    Bereavement  Specialist,   Kelli  Connolly  and  Pastor  Val  Schubert    whose  also  a  Hospice  Spiritual  counselor.  This  group  will  be   informative  and  freeing.